Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Let us begin at the heart of it all.  Right here, right now. The only place to be in the universe.
Modern people have a tendency to gravitate toward the cutting edge of scientific discovery.
Yet we must take care not to lose touch with the center of being upon which we are all grounded.
The evolution of man describes an atavistic circumlocution. We perceive new incoming data.
While doing so, we tend to reject the ancient wisdom in favor of this new staggering paradigm.
A lot of bygone knowledge may be ranked today among the superstitious and patently false, yes.
Yet a good portion of outmoded thought still remains relevant today if we remain open minded.
For instance, the idea that we are at the center of the universe holds credibility in outer space.
Yet if truth were told, even our modern conceptions of space and time itself fall short of the reality.
Einstein hinted at this by indicating they are not separate, but refer to a spacetime continuum.
Clarification sets in when one recognizes these are words describing a natural phenomenon.
It would serve us just as well to replace these words with any suitable configuration of symbology.
The words spelled out as they appear in our lexicons are not so important as our understanding itself.
We may better comprehend the real nature of our solar system and universe by remembering this.
For instance, for an experiment try considering that space itself does not even really exist at all.
Think of space as the conceptual equivalent of the number "zero" as it pertains to arithmetic.
The numeral zero is not so much a number as it is the representation of the absence of numbers.
In a similar fashion, space itself may be thought of as the intermediary area in between matter.
That is to say, it serves us well to think of "space" as something that doesn't actually exist, like zero.
In this example, we are left with only "time" to consider, something that is generated by motion.
The Earth's spin and its motion revolving about the Sun literally creates time as we travel in orbit.
In this manner we are easily led to perceive that "time" itself is manifested by a physical means.
It's a productive thought experiment which can allow individuals to better comprehend our situation.
Once we realize that time appears to be the effect of celestial bodies in motion, we grasp the truth.
We learn the relative truth of our condition existing here on this planet circling our central star.
Recognize the veracity of the idea we are not merely the center of the universe but of existence itself.

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